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What a great woman and great photography from @Arkisi again. Wonderful open pussy shots.

Fabulous pussy

Best of the best! Amazing!

Zelda is one of the most beautiful talented models in the entire world. I have been a devoted fan for years. This is an especially good set. Thank you. And my undying gratitude to the wonderful and beautiful Zelda for being there for us. Love you baby.

Her best photo shoot in a long time.

Oh Perfection!! Zelda B is thy name!

I'd crawl over ten miles of broken glass on my hands and knees
to get to her sweet little pussy!!

the best camel-toe pussy in glamour bussiness. Insanely SEXY!!

ZELDA is so sweet, beautyful and gorgeous that even my wife will let me jerk off on to HER!!!!

Sweet and sexy with just the right amount of naughtiness and tease. Just the way I like it.

Zelda is absolute perfection. Incredibly beautiful body.

Wow, Zelda is coming of age! This is by far her best set and a whole new look for her. Her sunny personality is still shining through but now it's not just cute it's megawatt hot! The makeup is superb, Light and minimal. The bra and panties were nice without being frilly and she allowed us to get a nice long look before they came off. She spent a good long time standing and gave ample front and back views both standing and on the couch. A good mix of close and wide angle throughout but the real clincher for me was perfect lighting throughout which made for lovely lifelike colors and tones of every part of her lovely body from every angle.

Other met artists take note! No unnecessary props or silly backgrounds. No bright sunlit windows behind her to wash out the pix & put her in shadows. This is the way I think indoor sets should. Soft neutral colors from the grey walls & sofa. No distracting patterns, artwork or other distractions. This set is clearly about Zelda and no tricks or the artist trying to insert himself into it. This is a celebration of Zelda in full living color. Congrats to Zelda for a lovely no nonsense set and huge props for Arkisi for letting Zelda carry the set and giving us a clean professional presentation.

Agreed -- !!

Simple but elegant !

Zelda's another model with personality plus that shows through in her photos. Not to mention a killer bod to go with it!

I especially liked #8. Most times you look at a photo and you instinctively know it's a photo. #8 is so true-to-life in color and clarity, it looks like you can reach out and touch her. You can feel Zelda looking right back at you. That's about as perfect as one can get with a still photograph.

That and all of the rest of the set are very well done.

My gawd.


This last set is just amazing. This lovely lady needs a sculpture of her deliciously sexy body, from that sexy face to those amazing tits to that mouth watering pussy. She is phenomenal in all ways.

As has been pointed out by previous comments today is a very unusual day regarding ratings. Ironically I had been "playing" with statistics regarding the Top Models over the weekend. On Sunday the whole TOP Ye had the identical score of 9.23. The next 14 models all had a 9.22. Zelda was in this 2nd group. By today only the Top Four were at 9.23. Then the next 11 at 9.22. Zelda as of noon (CST) stood at # 14. If you switch over the "Top Rated Galleries" you find the higest rated Gallery was Seduction a set by Luca of Melisa A rated at 9.44 w/ 266 votes and get this it was posted on NOV 14th 2009. Thus it has held for 5 years + at the TOP. Right now this set stands at 9.51 out of 10 (206 Votes) total unrepresented! What is interesting is that overall after Hipshott brought it up I looked into it and we have seen a decrease in the score of the Top Models. To get in the Top Ten historically it took over 9.3 and normally all of the top were close to that. In December only 17 set were over 9.00. The best only got 9.38. And only two others got over 9.30. This month until today the best was a 9.31. Last month by Rylsky she got a 9.28. It will be interesting to watch and see if moves up to the top spot personally, I doubt she stays at # 14. Wll have to see if this set causes an increase in her personal 9.22. In any case today is very unusual day in the neighborhood. Will be interesting to follow to say the least.

Zelda has a sort of profound beauty, apparent here in this beautifully set shot by Arkisi. Bravo!

Anthony Hope wrote his famous "The prisoner of Zenda"
I´m writing "The prisoner of Zelda",in whose script I´m supposed to play
the leading man.Omg.
Zelda´s beauty knows no limit,my imagination doesn´t either.
Imo one of the best sets ever.
Lucky Arkisi

The Seller

One of my favorite models. Always looking forward to the next set with Zelda!

When a hot model takes her clothes off for a great photographer, wonderful things happen. Bravo to both!

How was it possible to find the magic to make Zelda even more beautifl. Amazing

Zelda is one of the all time greats in your stable of magnificent models. I have loved and enjoyed her appearances for the past few years. I am so happy to see this exciting new set. Please keep them coming and movies also, please. Thank you and congratulations of your excellent work.

Zelda's bright smile just melted all the snow on my roof.

Her beauty and sex appeal are absolutely breathtaking, awesome set of pictures, especially 102-104 of that spectacular bottom

♥Zelda♥'s outfit? Sexy Dream!!! OMG♥ ♥ ♥

I know its hard to believe but to me she looked even more beautiful then in her previous sets! And picture 75 is one of the best pictures i saw this month! absolutley stunning. 10++

I saw something this morning that I do not remember seeing before. When I first looked, the rating for Diteca was 10.0 for 13 ratings.

Never seen, but completely understandable! Zelda is amazingly beautiful and any less than stellar gallery is most likely the influence of the photographer.

Thank you in equal measure to both Zelda and Arkisi.

9.69 with 95 ratings. Like you, something I have not seen before, even more amazing with nearly 100 votes at the time of my visit.

This says something about the appeal of Zelda and the photography of Arkisi, both of which I have admired here for some time.

This is one of the best photo sets on this site IMO. Just so consistently great photo to photo. I think Lija's last photo set was right up there as well. Aislin, Miren, and Ardeila (three of my personal favorites) have photo sets that are in the same league, but this set is one of the few I've felt instantly compelled to rave about.

When I first commented, it was still 10/10 with 27 votes. I think that is indeed unprecedented...

Currently, the vote stands at 9.50 with 38 votes, still a better than average score, and well deserved, IMO.

Zedlda has a gorgeous hot body. her boobs, nipples, ass, and pussy are great. good photography.
Thank you Arkisi and thank you Zelda

I think the perfect 10 / 10 score says it all.
Beautiful body Zelda.
Thank you for sharing yourself.....

I like how Zelda's look is evolving. She's taken a slightly more mature/grown-up look in this set than in a lot of previous ones... more sophisticated makeup and hairstyle, and a slightly more sultry posing style. She's still more fun than a barrel of monkeys, but she's showing more sophistication too, and she wears it well. Kudos, Zelda, you have the "it" factor. ( :

I agree that Zelda and Arkisi seem to be going for a more elegant and sophisticated look now that three years have passed since her debut. I do still however miss her cheeky fringe but we still have her radiant smile, luminous eyes and luxury moment, glossy raven hair to delight us. She displays her magnificent body with a restrained confidence that marks her out as one of the top MetArt models.

Zelda delivers every time. This is one of her best photo sets yet. She seems to take great pleasure in showing off her amazingly gorgeous pussy and anus.

Zelda is just a straight up beautiful woman all around. She is always arousing to look at...

Wow, Zelda has an amazing figure - tiny waist, pert bottom, and those perfect-handful breasts. I love the naughty look in her eyes, too :-)

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