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When I saw Raena today I jumped into her set immediately, I thought wow nothing is going to equal her today, I was wrong. Whist a completely different style and setting at the end of the day it is the women who make this site, and oh boy does Violet make your day. Coupled with Raena they are both simply magnificent and I would share my bed with both of them - but not at the same time, so that I could give them the attention that they deserve 8)

Violet, you are extremely beautiful dear, and I love your super hot body...especially your perfect pussy! Mmmmmmmmm

So pretty and that body is so hot, absolute and total perfection, I love the colour contrasts especially, lipstick against pale skin versus the vivid green backdrop and the red cloth, all subdued by those lovely blue eyes, truly magnificent and if I sound too pompous that lovely shaved cunt is ridiculously fine and eminentlty fuckable!.

I'm not usually a fan of tatoos but a first place rosette on either arse cheek would be entirely appropriate.

My first impression: what a nice smile this woman has. Great set!

When a girls smile looks that good it makes you want to make her laugh continuously.

She's stunning regardless but such a glorious smile elevates an already wonderful beauty superbly!.

I'd like to plow her back forty... Did I just say that? :-O LOL

Apparently you did just that, although back forty is perhaps a euphamism of which I am not aware?.

Too bad the other 100 or so raters were not as enthralled with Matiss's latest set as the above two commenters. If 'hip' and 'beetle' are correct then the ratings should be averaging at least a 9, don't you think. Instead, its moderately above a mid-8, where it will remain, given the algorithms effecting past MA ratings. I gave it a seven because, again, I am disappointed that an extremely beautiful model, Violet in this case, is once again marginalized by that synthetically green foliaged background that Matiss is obsessed with; and, his mediocre and far-sighted capturing approach; - like it or not, that's it in a nutshell. Apparently, given the present ratings, I'll wager that there are a significantly few others who feel the same way!

Maybe its because it looks like their last couple of sets they did together.

Beautiful model, great presentation, wonderful color and contrast. I like the play with the red cloth at the end. The contrast between the red cloth and Violet's creamy white skin is superb.

I love the body suit! It is so feminine and revealing without being cheap and tawdry. She looks great in it and it lends a very nice girl next door feel. Violet is just lovely and has a fantastic body. Definitely a down to earth beauty that seems very approachable and full of life.

Pleasant and easy photos with the pretty Violet. Impressive coloring and contrasts.
Good performance from Matiss.
Perfect appearance of Violet.

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