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I am not a fan of small breasts but this shoit was very erotically captured. Worth a high rating.

I find insanely short cut-off jeans to be insanely sexy.

So glad to have found my ideal new cleaning woman and she does windows too! Boy, oh boy she does windows........

These types of comments posted below will perpetually dissuade this photographer's need to realize his work is, continually, substandard. This set does not change that general viewpoint; obviously it doesn't, (8.69 rating, so far, of this work). Advice, (and again);leave the angulation, experimental lighting, grainy focus, cut-off capturing, and so-called 'new age' poses alone. In short, quit trying so hard to be an artist, - just be ONE; by the "Occam" approach, - simplicity.

Has the photographer ever given the impression they read these comments? I'm really asking.

The photographer has responded to comments in the past so it is most likely that recent comments from viewers are being read.

Finally, a decent Lightfoot set. Maybe a little crisper focus next time (HD and High-Resolution are the going things don'tcha know), but overall, not bad.

Valeria's a real dynamo.

Funny set which make a great pleasure to whatch. Sexy outfit and tease, great body and posing.

I will never understand why it seems that the lighting is deliberately made substandard and the photos grainy. Is that supposed to make the pictures more artistic or more annoying to look at? To each his own, I guess. Other than that, she's gorgeous.

Sadly this is his stated "style" Why I will never understand! With today's fantastic equipment and a tiny effort anyone can make crystal clear photos of a beautiful and talented model like Valeria. :(

Valeria needs to work on the efficiency of her task at hand. she went through all that effort to undress and pose provocatively all while cleaning a single window. Does she get dressed and start all over again when she does the next window?

If so, can we send her to my house immediately please?

Mine too!

Valeria is an exquisite model with a fantastic body! If only Charles would take good clear photos of her! Sadly he chooses to do it his way or no way so 10++++++ for Valeria, 5 for the stubborn Mr Lightfoot! The one redeeming grace is that Valeria actually had panties on under those Daisy Dukes! Normal in the real world extremely rare here at Met!

8.53 for a model that should be a solid 9+++ Thanks Charles!

Exceptionally beautiful photos of one of our most exceptionally beautiful models.

Extra credit for being the first MA set to use a bottle of Windex as a prop! Soooo hot!

Valeria has an absolutely stunning movie on MetArt X today, she's wearing glasses at the beginning, yum! Sexy girl...

Valeria is really the red cherry on the cake!!! How is it possible to resist without wanting to kiss Her from head to toes? Simple, it is not possible to resist in front of this perfect superkissable, superadorable Cutie...♥ ♥ ♥

Love the girl, love the poses but the lighting im not keen on at all as it makes a lot of the pics look grainy

Typical Lightfoot! Can you believe he does that on purpose!

I know and its such a shame, all is done is ruin a perfectly good gallery, best gallery today was Lily Sands imo

...and she does windows, too? This girl is a real find.

Two masters with typical photostil, Ch. Lightfoot and Paromov show us their photos today.
Ligthfoot photographed the incredibly erotic, soft and tender Valeria. He has done so well that I immediately fell in love with this filigree and cute girl. The beautiful body is shown in unobtrusive way in incredibly intense form. Yes, I boin excited by Valeria!
10 Point for Charles ans 10+++ for Valeria.

Everyone would be excited in front of an Angel like Valeriusha dear beetle... She's supercute!!!

Rock solid baby... wild wild dreams...

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