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Tina Tin is such a sweetie! I love her slight, knowing smile that seems to say "We share a little secret". She has a beautiful, serene face and a killer body. She could compete well in the "Most Photogenic Labia" contest if ever such were held (Now thee is an idea!). I always enjoy her sets.

On the other hand I have to ask if Dave Lee has one leg shorter than the other. And do they switch sides during a shoot? It drives me absoutely crasy with his rock and roll shooting. And ALWAYS

(some how the above got sent before I was done)
...the majority of shots run downhill to the right, with a lesser number going down hill to the left) Very few shots are level. I can tell it's a Dave Lee shoot without even looking at the title page, just on this basis. There is a place for a few tipsy shots to add some artistic value SOMETIMES. But, as the norm, for 90 % of the shots, it's either carelessness, - or one leg is shorter than the other.


A very charming young lady and I thank you and Dave for the perfect pair of panties and a nice long review of them before they came off and for the up skirt shots! For me that is absolute nirvana! Tina has the perfect butt for those panties and all those tease shots really pushed my buttons! I am really surprised none of the other panty lovers have commented.

She certainly fits the girl next door image for me!

Absolutely lustworthy..........................

Tina has what we used to call "child-bearing hips". Very shapely.

What I would call child creating hips because if I had her around I would be constantly in rut!

I hafta say that there is NOTHING like a pretty girl in white cotton panties specially if they are well filled like Tina Tin's are front and back. That's what keeps a man warm in cold weather.(girls only keep men around for one thing, otherwise they can help each other out.)Dave Lee has done a perfect work of art. 10 to infinity to both

One of the things I love about Dave Lee sets is that he tends to take a few extra snaps to focus on his models' hips, which are a lovely, sometimes overlooked trait that I consider a real turn-on. Shots 19, 122, 123, and 126 of Tina are excellent examples of what I love to see.

Tina Tin - I am under your spell. You are absolutely stunning.

Maybe it is because I am older that I am more easily satisfied, aroused and just find so many of the women on MA just so beautiful whether they are dark haired, blond, have big breasts or small, their bottom has to be delicious though, but otherwise I find that I am giving many of them 10 for just being there in front of me as beautiful sexy women and the photography is slipping into a definite second place. Yes I like creativity and acknowledge technical ability, but at the end of the day it the women that bring me back to these pages. I do feel lucky that so many of them are willing and able to share their gorgeous naked bodies for our pleasure. 8)

I agree with hipshot131 loveu69. Very well said.
I also find myself giving out a lot of 10's. I do it in appreciation of their kindness of letting us see them in their most revealing poses. I am not sure, but I think they also get paid according to their ratings? It doesn't matter, if I like them, I will give them 10's. I love Met-Art.

No they don't pay according to ratings. Models are paid up front by the photographers and it is negotiated between the model and the photographer. Most of the models have a flat rate schedule based on half or whole days shooting. if they are local but if they travel the photographer also pays those expenses too at the time of shooting. The really rough bit is all those costs are born by the photographer with no promise that the sets will even be purchased by Metart. They are all private contractors who are paid nothing unless K decides to buy a set. So it is a high risk occupation leaving the artists completely at the whim of K. The real risk is if you hire a top model you go into competition with everyone else. K will only publish one set each month of any model on any given site. Even though the model might be one of the most popular ones out there that means only 12 sets a year so K can only front only a certain number of sets of any given model. This is why you frequently see the same models on many other sites.

Nicely said, Being a photographer myself I tend to be critical of the photography but it is the women and their unending beauty and charms that brings me back night after night! We are indeed lucky that so many exceptional beauties are willing to share their delights with us.

A 10 from me. Thank you.

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