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PERFECT !!!!!!!

Pammie is notorious for her voluptuous figure (pure hour glass), fabulous breasts, and forested labia,. But amid all that glory, she also has a very beautiful and classical face. We do get to see some shots in this set that have her face, but her breasts always are part of the shots - which is really okay, because her breasts are gorgeous. But, just once, I'd like to see a set that includes at least a couple shots featuring just her face. Smiling, serious, sexual, give us a bit of variety, but let us see her face. Please. Oh, and a lot of the rest of her, of course!

If earth every had to send a representative of its female species to another planet Pammie Lee would be the only worthy candidate. Simply stunning!

This beautiful lady just oozes class and sophistication!


Somewhere, some place, sometime in the future, there is a stately home or castle awaiting it's Lady of the Manor, this beautiful girl just oozes sophistication, I can easily imagine she'd marry into aristocracy.

It's actually her pretty face that is most attractive to me.

If you could package perfection, it would be called,

"Pammie Lee"!

Big beautiful bountiful breasts! WOW !!!

Let's see, how shall i put it....if all of the pussy on MA were an army, Pammie's pussy would be the commanding 5 star general of said army!!!! Holy Shit that is a PUSSY!!!!!

An enchanting presentation once more and shows a contrasting aspect to the Nersu gallery from Dec 16.
All smiles and loveliness and a shaven pussy there,and and somewhat less of smiling and a lovely pussy trim here - both are fabulous galleries,show different facets to Pammie's beauty,and display once again what MA has to offer its members in quality and variety.
Since Sunday which traditionally starts the week here,6 beauties have lit up my day s bigtime. For that glorious privilege,I handed over the sum of one English pound.Without doing an actual count up of shots,that would reckon out to approximately 7-800 photographs of totally adorable beauties doing that which I will always rejoice in,even unto eternity.A pound.A single,solitary itty bitty pound.
A loaf of bread,or two tins of baked beans.A half of half a pint of beer.I would not have believed,prior to my £73.00 annual sub here,that such a thing could even be possible.And so many girls and movies and and and and and and and...It's good that the silly malarkey over short sets has finally died away.
And Pammie's loveliness glowing as brightly as always. Super.

So damn yummy!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the most perfect set of breasts I've ever seen.

What gorgeous hair!


Gotta say- I love that hair! Pammie Lee you leave me smoldering. Please come back soon and bring that Arkisi guy too........

I have to agree with other members, this is Pammie Lee best shot and hope she be able to do some films.

One mocha latte, please!

Pammie Lee always gives me the impression she'd be a tall 5'9" or 5'10", rather than the average 5'5".

Excuse me Mr. D_S... there is absolutely _nothing_ "average" about Ms. Lee

Statistically speaking, the average height of (non-Asian) women of the world is 5'5".

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

~British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli


Next to Suzanna and Jenya D, Pammie Lee has the best chest on Met, as far as I'm concerned. I love that steady gaze in #47.

I think Pammie knows how lovely she is and is very confident and comfortable with it.

Um! Um! Um! My God!!!

This is in many ways Pammie's best shoot. Her curvatious body just got hotter.And I feel,she may have trimmed a little too much, if anything. I liked the way she trimmed in "Diety" a little better. As I do not care for fully shaven, I much prefer trimming , as with a little care a woman can look full grown and still keep her photograpic "values". I gave Pammie Lee her usual 10 to infinity and Arkisi the same. they both outdid themselves this time

Pammie reminds me of Tatiana Maslany who I really like. The notable difference is that in Orpan Black Tatiana changes her hair in every scene. I love the "Lorena" style landing trim though.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy. Pammie Lee gets Arkisi'd and WOW, the results are spectacular. Definitely her best set so far, IMO. Jaw-dropping.

Side note: that slinky body-hugging dress had a lonnnnnnng way to go to get lifted, but it was definitely worth the effort. Hooray!

What I think is really neat is that that dress, on her, works as a full-length design and, as she begins to pull it up, coupled with a wide belt, would work as a shorter version too.

Of course some of this has to do with the fact that, other "attributes" notwithstanding, Pammie's got the legs and derriere to effectively show off this kind of dress.

Pammie's best set since "Deity" (13.02.2013). The pictures # 61, 104 & 105 are superb!

Absolute knockout! Pammie looks confident, sexy and gorgeous, and those curves just seem to get better and better.

Ahhh... the magic of a well-tailored outfit suited to a particular body type.

And I might be wrong about this but does she have just the slightest bit of a cute little overbite going on there?

Hafta agree Rose. And I love what you are doing with My Erotica.com

Thank you, Seadog! I am so proud of it, I have some amazing writers onboard and their stories are HOT!

This would be her best set ever I'd she had been shaven. Too bad.

Respectfully too... no... it would have been "better" to _your_ liking and personal tastes but again, that's _your_ personal preference. Who's to say that Pammie herself doesn't think that this particular "look" is her favorite?

I respectfully offer a different opinion:
Pammie's whole appeal is her jet black protruding pussy hump.
Now that is a pussy!
....an old school opinion.

Pammie looks super sexy in that tight black dress and when she pulls it up and drops her knickers the results are superb.

Incredibly sexy.

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