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Wow! First 10 I hand out in months! Fantastic set of a wonderful girl who is getting better with every session.

wow ... Melena is beautiful.... and that is one of the most amazing little coochie's I have ever seen..... I want to stick my tongue in it .... wow :)

All I can say is WOW, I must have missed this one earlier....and Melena if ya read this just know that every girl needs to get with that photographer that really does her justice!!! PLEASE keep up the great rear shots and keep those sexy looks coming and what a lot of girls forget is that a little cute smile just tears most of us up!!! Great work!!

Hi!!!kisses this set so good Antonio C. So good!!!!i feel good when work with his ,much fun;) thanks a lot guys for comments it make me happy . Also this very fresh set on this summer so this why my skin brown;PPP a lot kisses I wish you nice day !

A real treat to enjoy incredible young lady.

Melena is an exceptional beauty. You don't see this combination of killer face and spectacular body very often. Just a dream girl to die for.

Melena is another great example of how spectacularly some models mature. Her early sets and videos always struck me as kind of "tart". Cute girl, very young, comfortable, not afraid to stick it in your face, but a little immature and not quite 100% aware of how to use the camera to full potential. Early sets show her with hair pulled back and a very teen look with some kind of smile in almost every shot. I apologize for saying this but, genuine smile or not, for a while it almost got monotonous. Nice, but not quite top-tier.
Not this set. This set is a perfect example of what a great model and great photographer can do. Yes, clearly it is Melena but there are subtle but very effective changes. She's toned it down with the facial expression. The smile, once a toothy grin, is now a sublime, knowing look. Her make-up, lipstick and eyebrows are just perfect, infinitely more polished than her look just a few months ago. There are many shots where she has a new, smoldering look that has just recently developed (i.e. 31, 57, 72. Image 31? The gravity of 1000 suns could not pull me away from that look). And her hair! Wow! That full, long, wavy, look is completely new and simply amazing! I've never seen this from Melena before and I really, really like it. And kudos to Antonio for doing such a spectacular job of capturing it! Thank you both!

Melena stunning and gorgeous as ever OMG love her body she is so hot. The sets I have seen she always have a tan and thats sexy as hell.

Great body, nice close ups. Poses a bit tired looking. I guess after 94 shoots you lose some energy. I agee the lighting is poor. Need real skin colour. Still the set got me nice and hard. 😊

WOW , what a great set and day , beautiful green eyed blonde Xena , and superstar Melena , chestnut colored hair and brown eyes to die for. Amazing way to start week , Melena is a great model if we are giving points for modeling she definitely gets 10+++, makes every shot look different ,with great style and penance .

I've never really cared for this model before, but in this series she is breathtaking. Excellent photography too.

Totally gorgeous and totally hot dream girl!!!!!

I want her so bad!!!!!!

Kisses sweet Melena!!!

I have the top of the line monitors, so I know it can't be my equipment; but the skin color on this set is so bad (red). I know that Melena A is not a red woman.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks her coloring is off. Although, I think she looks yellow due to the yellow lighting being used (see #47-50). Even with a tan, it doesn't look natural.

Cause she's red hot. Or maybe your blood pressure went up and the blood was in you eyes?


Incredible beauty. Melena is one of the most perfect girls on the planet right now... Very arousing.

One of ma's best models! Unbelievable how much sets and movies she has already done. And still im always excited when she's back. :) 10+

(1) MetArt 27 Photo 7 Movie
(2) SexArt 22 Photo 9 Movie
(3) TLE 1 Photo 8 Movies
(4) S 18 14 Photo 3 Movies
(5) Domai 2 Photo
(6) Goddess 1 Photo
Total = 94

This is Melena's , by my Stats, 94th appearance across the Family. And still growing she is, to NO surprise a TOP model on every site she has appeared on. Now that Alis is over at Viv Thomas I bet we will see her there also soon. The only thing about this IMO absolutely great set is that apparently Antonio did not get the message that K now finds Melena's "Little Kitty/Mercat" acceptable, and photoshopping it out is not required. IMO she is the total embodiment of "From Russia with Love."

And she is still as hot and enticing as ever.

I love Malena/Tara, beautiful girl, great model, but that top needs apair of black shorts to go with it, certainly not a pastel blue skirt. clash clash

Melena baby... your are the sunshine of the day... so sweet so delicate, so precious... yet so woman... many thanks for coloring the day... excellent pictures...

Why are not her beautiful upright back poses and showing armpits close-up? I wanted to look at her sexy uprigut back shots and armpits close-up!!!!! So please give me her naked upright back photos and armpits close-up photos next time, please!!!!!!!!

We are blessed that a Supermodel quality girl gets naked for us! And thanks Mr. Clemens and Melena for knowing the value of such smoking hot heels to accentuate your long perfect stems. Kudos to whoever does your eye makeup also. What a sex kitten!

Camo4ID2, I absolutely agree with your, "We are blessed that a Supermodel quality girl gets naked for us!" That very thought crosses my mind every time I view this incredible beauty's nude photos.

Veeeery, VERY, nice !!!

AND -- thank you for the HEELS !! This girl was born to wear them.

If I was to shoot Melena,I wouldn´t need a tripod.

The Seller

Ah, got it!!! Clever...

If I were to try shooting Melena, the camera would soon prove quite superfluous. (;

I love Melena's wraparound skirt and her playful smile as she plays with it. Very nice indeed.

Lately, Malena galleries have served as a reminder for ALL of the MC Hammer truism, "You can't touch this"!

To me Melena is the ultimate sex kitten. Everything about her is so sexy it hurts! Don't know if she has a guy or not but if she does he is one blessed dude. I am totally smitten with her, her personality is radiant, her face is so cute it's irresistible, and her body is to die for! That sweet little pussy is absolute perfection. No excess, everything perfectly symmetric and her coloration is superb!

I love Melena's hair like this! Gorgeous!

I agree – she looks really glamorous in this photo shoot.

WHAT A SPECTACULAR SET! Melana absolutely nails every shot she is in , giving members exactly what they asked for! You can't help but surrender to her here. THere is nothing better than a total cutie that spreads her legs with a warm smile on her face to show us her vagina! In #54 she is unbearably irresistibly cute right but right after gives us that mature porn star look in #57 with just the change of her expression! I love her leg spread in 148! Shot #102 I think is my favorite, terrific pose, color pallet and lighting! And last but not least are 149+150 with that AMAZING "MetArt" pose, as I like to call it, with the model displaying her full butt, asshole, and vagina towards us, baring all, while looking back at the camera with her beautiful face in a sweet expression.

It seems that MA sets run in trends. For a while we were getting lots of sets with models posed against bright skies that made them look washed out. Then, we got a series of sets where the models were posed around or on lots of dark furniture. Now, this is the third set in the past week or so (and second one today) where a golden lighting was used -- I guess in a poor attempt to imitate sunlight -- which ultimately leaves the models looking jaundiced instead.

Ha ha! D_S, our friend Lucky Bastard thinks Melena looks red ~ !

As you know, I look at this set and see Melena as tanned, as do several other members who've chimed in about her color in this set.

I guess we all look at the same set and see different things?

Is Melena tanned? Yes. Does her skin tone look natural? It does not.

No sign of any "jaundice" on anything other than her skin so it must be one of them newfangled "magikal golden lights".

It's called a tan.

Hall of Fame set, absolutely perfect in every way.

I´d give Melena (among many other thing),a good liver flush:)

The Seller


I didn't see that at all, my friend. Melena actually looks (as usual) rather brown/well tanned to me. ( :

Look at #47 -50, right side, the filigreed screen is backlit with YELLOW light which shines out on Melena.


Certainly, there is yellow light there, I'll concede that point.

Does it make her look jaundiced?

Not IMO, and I've been working in nursing homes for 21 years, I've seen jaundiced people. Melena doesn't look jaundiced. ( :

Sorry about the repeat post, that was quite unintentional.

Certainly, there is yellow light there, I'll concede that point.

Does it make her look jaundiced?

Not IMO, and I've been working in nursing homes for 21 years, I've seen jaundiced people. Melena doesn't look jaundiced. ( :

I love it when we are visited by an attractive woman; with an hourglass figure, a camel toe, and wrinkled areolae.

Melena has those attribeauts, and many more. So many that anyone but the most severe critic will find some, or many, to appreciate.

Thank you Melena, thank you Antonio, thank you K.

Ohhhhhhh Melena! Of all her sensational attributes, I think what gets me the most is the curve from her tiny waist to her hips... I want to run my hands over it! She's a superstar.

If you're a fan you should check out yesterday's movie on SexArt, it's a solo movie of Melena called 'Splash' and it's probably my favorite thing she's ever done. Pure feminine beauty and sexuality. WOW.

My thoughts, exactly.....you absolutely hit it out of the park with your tiny waist assessment, Rose.

OMG those hips!!!!

Thanks Rose, I think Mel is the diva of solo videos! Her climax's are earth shaking! she is the sexiest model on Met. For me it's that absolutely perfect pussy that drives me wild. Sadly for both of us she doesn't do G/G or M/F but she sure set the dream machine in motion!

P.S. Our tastes really don't match when it comes to videos. I thought Splash really sucked!

Are you kidding? John Candy was a riot!


"To each his or her own," as we love to say :-)

Simply perfect!
Melena is absolutely one of the top models of MetArt and of mine.

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