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If a woman smiled that nicely at me, I'd be a goner. The matching video shows that even better~! A superbly confident and lively model who knows how to get your attention — with just a wink and a smile... and a terrific, slim figure. There's also a photo and video of her and her friends (Ariel and Indiana) which is fun and a lighthearted look at "Girlfriends"... (How many naked babes can you get in a '60's VW?)

Lorena es lo maximo , me gustaria verla ahora que es toda una MILF...

My absolutely favorite #1 model of this and any other site. She blows me away every time. Unmatched beauty.

lovely! so naturally cheerful


This may be her hottest set... I have seen them all! But, the level of attitude speaks the volume. Great set Lorena!

As she has been since her first appearance here, Lorena is perfect and beautiful and perfectly beautiful. What an amazing smile. Love that see-through blouse!

The typical compliments for Lorena such as beautiful, sexy, dream girl, etc., etc. go without saying. The compliment I'll pay her is she looks to be someone with exceptional inner-peace and happiness. Not just in this set, but in every set I've ever seen her in. Always wearing a warm, pleasant smile, if little else... a woman totally comfortable in her own skin.

Ay! Mohini Dey has something to amaze all - go to Day by dey on Youtube



Thanks a lot to everybody, and of course, the more big thank to Lorena.

Memory! A bright sunny morning in 2001 headphones on and its Barcelona - here for 6 months and lotsa guitar study,Demonico - that top baroque harpsi piece
Luc Beausejour iTunes - Sonata en le Majeur Demonico
Ay Caramba!

Translating the Gallery Name:

"Jesora" - Pagan celebration of the cantaloupe harvest.

Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever when applied to this set.

I was thinking "Tesoro" would have been far more appropriate. (:

Makes more sense to me. "Fenway" has come up with some fairly off-the-wall translations of set names lately. Where's Neil and his "translation-of-the-day" lessons? :-)

@ Furry...

"...cantaloupe harvest" makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Maybe so if when applied to one of Viola Bailey's sets... yes, I could see that. But not here... in ANY way shape or form...

Oh, I totally agree, Arkie... that wasn't MY joke, that was Fenway's. You'll have to ask HIM what dark cobwebby nook of his twisted mind that one came out of, LOL

Bareclona! Gaudi and Barcelona!
Lorena and Barcelona!
Cafe del Opera!
Lorena and black roses!!

Another amazing set from the Spanish goddess, Lorena. I don't know if anyone has a sexier smile. Thank you Luca Helios.

Very difficult to summarize what I feel when seeing Lorena. She is and will always be my number One.
What a great woman!!!

She has the ability to make every appearance a new adventure. She radiates warmth, energy, beauty, femininity. I love ‘em all, but 054 is my favorite … no, 079 … no, …

I read a lot of amateur erotica online, some better than others when it comes to the amount of typos involved. This is the first time (#34) that there seems to be an actual example of a "taught" pussy. ;-)

  • Rose
  • 5 months ago:

Cracking up here, DS! I thought you had spotted a typo in the set description and I was all ready to give the writer a spanking (although come to think of it, he might quite enjoy that). Then I realized what you were referring to. Very droll :-)

I hope you have read some of my stories online at MyErotica.com. I'd love to know what you think... and I take requests :-)

Did I mention how much I love see-through blouses?

No... on a scale of 1-10, what would that be?

As much as you love see-through blouses, I love women wearing glasses even more.

And see-through glasses, at that!

Thanx for the HEELS !!!

Luuuuvthose legs !!

Got my "10" !!

Damned keyboard !

Classic hotty.

That phrase "classic hotty" has more meanings than I think you intended. ① Yesss... she's a "classic hotty", ② She definitely has "classic" looks and ③ she's definitely a "hotty[sic}" (perhaps "hottie" instead?)

Lorena is the kind of woman who would be able to look hot at any time throughout MetArt's long history with any of the historic photographers like Erro, Tony Murano (would have loved to see that), Pasha or even the likes of Charles Lightfoot, Catherine or Paromov (THAT would be something to see).

She is truly one who they "would have broken the mold" after her.

Lorena is the living embodiment of the joy of nudity. That smile could melt steel.

In that case, I hope Lorena didn't make you "hard as steel", Checkers. ;-)

I thought about that after I posted, and hoped no one would catch that. Argh. :)

Seeing Lorena's sets gives me such joy! She has such a contagious smile. It's a blessing to be a witness of it. I love that she is wearing executive glasses here. I still can't figure out why I go nuts over something so trivial. It makes her look like a hot school teacher. Then she places the frames over her pussy...OMG! I'm done for... That was my favorite pic of the day. I think I will make it my wallpaper on my phone lol :)

She has the kind of face that I could imagine seeing as one of those generic inserts that come with store-bought picture frames... the kind you want to leave in the frame and, when someone asks you about her, you reply with "Oh, she's just someone I know."

Haha Yes she does! Her look is so versatile! I wouldn't blame you for doing so. 😉

Lorena looks so beautiful in her dress and heels! A breathtaking site of absolute beauty!

She plays a mean air guitar too!

For me, the name Lorena Garcia has literally become synonymous with "MetArt", and I think theirs no higher compliment that could be given to either.


God, i love this chick!!

O.K. Rose, you win!I would do anything to have Lorena smile at me like that. ( but then you knew that) Lorena is the only reason I regret not being able to afford SA. I say, and would defend, old as I am, that Lorena is THE most beautiful woman on Met-art. I don't say Met family,because then I would run into APF and Michelle H (I hate the names Michelle and Red Fox, and prefer Micca)and that would never do,as they are fighting a three way battle for first place,and while I am also morally deprived I am somewhat more ethically rigid than you are, I suspect a defect a defect in my upbringing. Lorena gets a 10 to infinity for the milliom killerwatt smile, and Luca Helios the same for pure art.

I wish I could afford Viv Thomas again as well ,but if wishes were fishes we'd all be so sick of fish we could puke!

P.S. I bet you write all her Viv Thomas scripts, too.

  • Rose
  • 5 months ago:

I did write a movie for Lorena on Viv Thomas, Seadog. It's called "After Hours' and she has scenes with Tracy Lindsay, Anna Siline, Apolonia and Misha Cross (who is amazing). I'm very proud of it, and it was such a thrill to have Lorean star in it. She's my dream girl for so many reasons, including that sexy Spanish accent :-)

Lorena and Apolonia... that's something I certainly would pay good money to see.

Does the term "earthy" apply to her voice?

  • Rose
  • 5 months ago:

She doesn't have that low, husky tone like Julia Roca (now there's a girl I could listen to all day – check out her behind-the-scenes interview on Viv Thomas, it blows my mind!). Lorena's voice is more melodic, musical... as beautiful as everything else about her.

I hope she speaks better English than Caroline Abril or Amber Nevada,( or whatever her name was) in "Learning Curve . I couldn,t understand a word. Viv Thomas himself would have made them use sub-titles,like he did Nella and APF in "Unfaithful".

  • Rose
  • 5 months ago:

She speaks Spanish in it, which from my point of view is even better :-)

I can not even imagine what it would be like to have Lorena whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I can only imagine a kind of cross between warm, sweet dripping honey and a husky sort of throaty, earthy tone issuing forth. Gawd... I'd probably do almost anything she asked of me... almost anything...

Be honest now bro, you'd do ANYTHING. You might even manage to put up a show of being grumpy about it, but inside you'd be happy as a little kid jumping in a puddle of water. (:

Not quite "ANYTHING", but very close to it. (I wouldn't for instance, go to a Guar or Pee Wee Herman concert. I would however, raise my hand in the audience of one of those "mind gurus" who can make you walk across a bed of hot coals.)

No GWAR concert? You do know she's a heavy metal chick, don't you? It came out in one of her interviews, I believe one with Rose...

Wow, classic cheeky Lorena, with that magic smile and beautiful body!!

Cute little outfit, Glasses and all! Lorena is the consummate babe! If you look up radiant I be you find Lorena in the description! I sure hope that she is bi. It would be heart breaking to find that she likes girls only. It's amazing that she never seems to age and those eyes and that smile never lose there appeal! She has a figure that should be just as perfect 10 years from now. Perfection!

What I wan to know is... what is the guy doing in the background of many of the frames in this set?

Hard to believe I've been "admiring" Lorena's photo sets for 9 years. Still not tired of it.

Wow has it been 9 years?? that shows how special Lorena really is. I don't know of any other model lasting that long, and for me as well, I never get tired of Lorena, she really is a special girl.

Could I ever get tired of this goddess? NOT!

There are hundreds, nay thousands, of models that appear throughout the MetArt universe - all beautiful to say the least, but some, like hyperrnovas, far outstrip their surroundings. To my liking, Lorena sits among the top 5 of all-time favorites in that universe.

I have NEVER seen a facial expression of hers in a set that says "Let's get this done and over with as fast as we can." She ALWAYS presents the best possible face and we all know that, with all her many sets, there would have been times when, for whatever reason, she just wasn't into doing "this" on a particular day but, like a consummate professional, she went ahead with it.

A true all-time top star.

To be fair, of all her sets, I remember one where I got the feeling she wasn't into it that day. One set out of all those. Just amazing...

Know what the name of that set was? I'm curious...

Actually, I don't.... it was a year or two ago, it wasn't a horrible set, she just didn't look like she was having fun. Contrast that to all her other sets where she looks like she'd rather be nowhere than posing for us...

"A year or two ago...", that doesn't narrow it down any. Can you remember _anything_ about it ... was it one of her famous/infamous "seaside" sets? Colors? Clothes? Indoors? Outdoors? Did you comment on it at the time?

NEVER not ever bet tired of that radiance!

Al Jolson said it 'I would walk a million miles for one of your smiles'Lorena is like a new pin ,shiny and new with the enthusiasm of a newbie.I have been looking at a lot of Mr Helios,s old photoshoots and I swear to god that man is an artistic genius,20 years and has still got the magic.Lorena and Luca is a top combo.What an attitude.

Ohhhh Lorena, you know how to rope me in! You look like you're having so much fun... can I play with you? (:

Since the answer to that question must, of necessity, be NO, i can only advise that you go play with yourself. ;-))

  • Rose
  • 5 months ago:

A great start to my day – Kira W on TLE, and Lorena – in heels – here at MetArt! We even get a few frames of her wearing her sexy glasses. That smile makes me think she could be a modern day Helen of Troy... tell me you wouldn't do literally anything to make her smile at you like that?

The thing that I think I like most about Lorena, and other real-world women, is that glasses seem to make a statement that says "I need glasses to see or read and, although I _could_ be wearing contacts, I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to wear glasses and be proud of it." They make her human and offer a kind of one-to-one relationship that the viewer can relate to.

To all the viewers out there... ever date a woman only to find out down the road that she was wearing contacts and wouldn't be caught dead wearing glasses? I did once...

It's 5am I'm in a terrible mood because the weekend is over and time to go back to work. But wait... as I take a sip of coffee, my eyes light up and a big smile appears on my face. It's Lorena !!! You are so right Rose, Lorena makes a great start to my day too, terrible mood gone. I just adore Lorena!!!

  • Rose
  • 5 months ago:

Delighted to hear it, Randycat! I hope MetArt can give you that little "lift" every morning ;-)

OH YES! Walk on glass, swallow fire, ... All That! ;)

In Spades! Lorena is my dream girl!

A wonderful statement, and so apt for so many members, male AND female.

What I often wonder in viewing her sets... what if it came to light that these sets were all shot in excess of 10 years ago and that she was now 37, married and divorced, a mother of two and some 180 or so lbs.?

  • Rose
  • 5 months ago:

They weren't, and she isn't... and I suspect she will be just as beautiful in 20, 30 or 40 years time anyway! :-)

You really do have a wonderful job, Rose. To be involved with these wonderful women (and photographers) on an almost daily basis is something 90% of the members would give up perfectly good parts of their anatomies to do.

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