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Thank You! Lily you are perfect!

I would love to be the photographer in front of the mirror. I would get extremely close up and I would stay focused on what I was about to do. Oh, and it wouldn't be taking photos.

I like the setting, I don't like the blurry mess. Focusing, really that hard?

She isn't blurry. She's been airbrushed with an inch of her life.

wow. that face in #31..... kissing while making love... .mmmmmm

What an excitingly beautiful young lady! So far, Paramov continues to be 'on point' with every set of Ms. Lily Sands!

The sets of today are a good example of the high standard of Metart and their photographers and models.

Lily you are gorgeous dear, and I loved all these hot photos!

55 and 56 are great because your beautiful face and perfect pussy are both in view!


For those who,including myself,used to complain about Charles Lightfoot and his-let´s say- peculiar style,today´s set is the proof that Charlie is becoming familiar whith the use of a digital camera.Congratulations.
Conversely,for those who used to complain about Paromov being not enough explicit,today he´s coming back turned into Dr.Pussymov.
Lest anyone think I do not like Lily Sands´delectable mitochondria,accurately displayed by our new amateur Gynaecologist,but the shift in Pussymov´s style is more tan remarkable.
Live and learn.

The Seller

Paramov and Lily Sands have created a work of quiet beauty.The only reminder that this is Paramov is the shadows. 10 to both

OOOF! What a stunning bottomless sequence at the start of this set. My goodness. Especially #39-43, when Lily's half-covering her face while something else is uncovered. Delicious. Hooray! :)

Great job, Paromov! Tasteful, erotic, wonderful!

Quality Quality Quality.Lily,the setting,the gallery.Bottomless and beautiful,sexy and swanky. Once again I note how beautiful girls shine ever more brightly in luxurious settings.
A very beautiful presentation,and Paramov may proceed,at the convenience of leisure,to the nearest bottle of Moet Chandon,chilled to perfection,and have a lovely time.

Perfect legs, she could be a hosiery model! Glad she chose this path instead :-)

Lilly is a stunningly attractive and slender beautyWho has the gift of being exceptionally photogenic. She and Paramov are a match made in heaven with some of the most elegant and naturally erotic photography on this website. I am delighted that she is not dressing up as much and I am coming to appreciate her charms more with every appearance. Long may she Continue to grace us with her presence.

Lush and vivid photos of the attractive Lily from Paromov.
The photos are today somewhat easier than at Paromovs typical style. The focus is today more often on the beautiful model, which is shown to us in all facets of its breathtaking nudity. And is there Paramov not to be seen in the mirror itself (# 91 to # 93)?

o god, lilys back to give me yet another boner! hehe

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