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Cum shot awesome!!

Yawn.... Wha a shoddy set of an otherwise very nice girl. No more art in Met Art.

There is hardly anything more exciting than reaching to touch a woman in the most intimate of places and finding her dripping wet with anticipation, all for you.
This gallery has captured that moment perfectly. 10 of 10!

How resist at feet of this young princess her pink yellow soles are so perfect and really exciting very good set 10/10

What a great set - great @Arkisi stuff - fabulous creamy pussy - just the job!

You are my perfect woman!
With breasts to match your body size
Always wet in her pictures
And especially with lips I can play with
Ty and keep on being yourself :).
BTW you look Gr8 in stocking with a garter belt!

I just love the spread legged poses when she is just or only wearing her bra.

One complaint: the missed opportunity for a slower, more teasing, "Panty Show" in this series - she has her pants off in the first nine shots. Though the revealed moistness is quite wonderful!

Another great set of the stunningly beautiful Lija.

Wonderful array of poses & so good to see such visible evidence that she really does enjoy her work....!

Her flesh pussy juice overflows from her sweet pussy!!!!!!!

swedish girl's are all time special,bravo !!!


Caramba in the Alhambra! Pussy Extraordinaire!That gorgeous vagina! In the past 20 years of gazing upon the nude,I have seen thousands of pretty pussies,and this is special in its perfect formation and looks very much to me like a form of exquisite miniature sculpture.And so kissable! Arkisi may of course get himself an apple out of the basket, for has done a splendid work of capturing the captivating here.Lija is new to me in that this is only the 2nd gallery I have seen of her,and I am totally head over heels with her delightful everything.The warmth and charm of the smile the great legs beautiful breasts on and on it goes. Fabulous Femme.

Wow fabulous young lady. Awesome set more please.

I have tried to determine Lija's best feature. It is a dead heat between her face, her breasts, her ass, and her pussy. Perfection in human form .

What an excellent birthday present to wake up to. Lija.

Happy belated birthday, coyote!

I don't know what Arkisi is doing or saying behind the scenes, but Lija has been visibly aroused during her last two photo shoots, and oh my goodness, what a turn-on that is. I love when we see that. It elevates the photos from a "nude photo set" to a "shared erotic experience."

Marvellous girl, Lija looks as fantastic as ever, a bottomless fans dream once again and thoroughly sexy throughout, that perfect pussy has never looked so inviting, fabulous set!.

Wow! She grows more beautiful in each set!

When Antonio Gaudi,master Spanish architect was calmly walking down Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona,utterly absent minded,lost in his own thoughts in a sunny morning of spring 1926,he was run over by a streetcar,and died.Working in the completion of The Sagrada Familia Cathedral project,he was "closer to heaven",as Eric Woolfson would write and sing nicely,back in 1987.

Me,I´m down to earth,closer to the ground,but,staring at Lija´s pictures I get so dazzled I could be literally knocked down by anythyng.
This woman amazes me.

Request more

The Seller

Breathtaking model, poses, photography. Perfect 10. This is a pure ass lover's set, and that's me.

Here is the sunshine of the day with her own ambiance... She is stunning... a perfect match of Beauty and Class...

So a belated happy new year to everyone out there in MA land. What a way to start the new one off, Lija is simply scrumptious there is no part of her fanny or ass that I and I suspect far to many of you all, would not eat , lick and take absolute pleasure in tasting. I simply cannot get enough of this fabulous young lady, more please. 8)

Top octane stuff here, truly the "creme de la creme," if I might say so. Yummm!

Lija, you are amazing... (:

Flexible, ain't she? ;-)

Does Lija have an friends who are models? Sweden is sadly underrepresented on Met-Art. All of the Scandinavian countries, really.

@ Dark_Storm

You can use the advanced search feature to find appearances of models from Sweden (or any Country).
Click on Advanced Search.
Under Optional model attributes, fill in your Country of choice.
Press Find Galleries to the right of SEARCH FOR.
I tried Finland and the 'puter mistook my request for Latvia and returned some Viola Bailey appearances and then some models from Finland.
Maybe that will be fixed in the new MET?

Baggy - Already did that. If I recall the results of a "Sweden" search correctly, other than Lija, the last Swedish model was from about 2011 and there were only about four in the history of MA. We've currently got more than that from Latvia. Considering Sweden is a lot bigger nation than Latvia, I'd say they are underrepresented on Met.

So, I'd still like to see more Nordic beauties.

Um yes shot 88, I know were I'm, looking 8)

A beautiful woman with a perfect pussy filled with joy juice? What more could you wish for? Lija is a superbly beautiful woman with a world class body and her sweet creamy womanhood is the crowning touch. Thanks Arkisi for letting us see her this way. It does indeed generate some powerful fantasies.

This is how i imagine heaven or paradise!

I have to agree with that one!

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