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Love her sexy feet

i love this girl

Wow! Arkisi and Li Moon really created something special here.
Arkisi perfectly captures Li Moon's personality - great smiles and laughs. Fantastic opening picture with Li Moon in a stunning white dress - you know that she isn't wearing anything under it. Then Li Moon pulls it up and bends over for some sensational shots. Next she spreads her legs and the lips of her pussy open beautifully. Then at the end we get to see her cute little bottom. Perfect posing.
Li Moon is incredibly sweet and sexy - I think I awarded more 10s to pictures in this gallery than any other.

Wow!!! I think I broke it.

Sorry to hear, Diablo77... get you to an ER, stat!

And remember, ice is your friend....

Li is good for one thing and that is sex. She was built for sex. Her body is absolute perfection. Perfect asshole, cunt, and tits...


Asian is usually not my thing but Eurasian, especially Ukrainian Asian is another thing! Moon definitely got the best of the facial features from both. She is stunningly cute and sexy and those eyes, usually the Asian feature that turns me off, are perfect. A radiant smile with pretty white teeth is an added bonus. Her happy, perky attitude is the final deal maker. There are a couple of things that are not high on my but the total package is irresistible!

Just to counter in case any Asian women read your comment. I'm the complete opposite and find often Asian women painfully beautiful. So hard to generalize about billions of women, but I will say this. Just like any demographic, there are the beautiful and the not so beautiful; but there are MANY stunning Asian women; for me, beautiful Asian women are about as beautiful as it can get. I wish MA had more because they are rarely done the kind of justice that Met-ART does with photography. More ASIANS, please!

Wow, racist much!?? I assume you meant to put an IMO behind that like you insisted I do. Some things are better left unsaid and just in your thoughts (IMO)

Not necessary to use IMO when you are stating "it is not my thing" That is self explanatory. As far as racist? To the extent as to what "I" view as desirable I will cop to that. We all have facial and bodily features that we find desirable and features that we do not. After tours in Korea and Vietnam I found myself disinterested in women with classic Asian features. I agree that there are a small percentage who are quite desirable. The number of asian sites on the net show that they are very popular. In the case of Li Moon I find her very beautiful and if you read my post you will see that I said nothing negative about her.

She isn't Asian but of Turks origin. But it is all the same for the majority of people ((

Arkisi, you're the photographer, right? Her bio says her ethnicity is Asian.

This girl is just overwhelmingly beautiful, cute and sexy. Just as soon as I think I've seen the best on MetArt someone like this comes along. Amazing!

Li Moon's third set is the first one that has made me really take notice of her as a standout model, happy proof that the right photographer can make all the difference in the world.

This girl could cause a diabetic coma she's so damn sweet! To truly exploit every bit of her assets though, she should start in a nice sexy pair of heels AND, since her bio page says "trimmed", then that little hairline she keeps doesn't count at all.

Oh my goodness! Li is simply stunning! Would love to see more of her,say, every day!!!! This goddess could be my favorite. Thank you for sharing her with us and especially thanks to Li for allowing me to worship her! Cannot wait for her next one……please hurry!

I love everything about you Li Moon. Pure dynamite. Excellent set. However, you left me hungry for more shots of your beautiful buttocks. Excellent photography.

By the way Li Moon, you are one of the most beautiful and sexiest girl on MetArt; and you should visit us at least once a week. Thanks.

wow her asshole is very nice. glad to see her show it off this time!

It is particularly nice! Not something I usually comment about but it certainly is a fine specimen.

Beautiful pussy, Li.


Finally got a decent look at Li Moon. Well done, as usual, Arkisi.

Great shoot by Li Moon and Arkisi.There are lots of butt shots to keep an old man happy.(girl's butts are how we stay warm in the winter.

Wow the fabulous Li Moon is amazing. A young lady of incredible beauty.Her sweet natueal look is adorable a superstar.Request more. Thanks.

Glad to see this lovely cutie indoors!

Holy moly, what an energetic, wonderful little sprite Li Moon is. I love her adorable smile and her playful attitude. And the fact that she didn't care to wear anything under her white dress (hooray!).

Great set, beautiful girl. Can't wait for more.



Li Moon has a stunningly pretty face and wonderfully enticing smile. Great to see another Asian beauty on MetArt.

Very sexy...

Extraordinary good set!

Another 10/10 for today.

Nice Botomless photos to lead Off and All Class to Follow. li Moon Made A Great Choice in Arkisi as photographer and Mentor!!! Keep The Sets Coming and Li Moon is A Real Keeper!!!

What a way to end the week! This set is ridiculously awesome! Li Moon has such an incredible body and a cute personality, both of which were captured excellently here!

Great job Arkisi and Li! Can't wait for the next set!

Who is an honnorable co-starring on #38?
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Me. :)

That would be A. Hand, Tokyo... ( ;

Could also be Mr. Hands from SNL's "Mr. Bill" shorts, or Thing from "The Addams Family". ;-)

Tsk...tsk... tsk... showing your age there buddy. "I'm Gumby dammit!"

But honestly... I lost you at the bakery... ;-)

Great face.
Great body.
Lovely smile.
Absolutely adorable Metart model. One of the best.


A killer combination of sweet face and knockout figure! :-)

Agreed Rose! what an insanely arousing girl! the face of an angel on the body of a goddess....

Wow, that was a hot pictorial...

Oh my, what a great set of pictures. Li is looking stunning.

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