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Wow, what a beautiful model and set. Heidi really shines here.
Lots of nudity and full frontal - just what I like.
This is a nude photography site after all, so I don't understand the attention towards the clothes or slow undressing.
For me, this set and model is absolutely great.

While Heidi for sure is very beautiful and the sheer top and panties really worked very well, this set was sexy at best - not actually erotic.

There should have been much more playing around with the sheer clothes, and while the closeups of her beautiful face were really great, the lack of them showing her breasts and ladyparts was disappointing.

And speaking of closeup ladyparts: what were you thinking in #88? It looks like you just enlarged her pubic area of #87 without any post-processing. This just looks weak and is also absolutely unnecessary.
If she is unwilling to do proper closeups, just skip them entirely.

What a "Gorgeous" lady!

Absolutely stunning! Heidi is a perfect name for this stunning blond. If I had a neighbor that looked like this I'd be in jail for stalking! This is a magnificent demonstration that genes and care outweigh age. I would bet that at 40 Heidi will look just as desirable. This set is so classy. Lots of great poses of a completely majestic woman. My only con is those "panties" they were completely inappropriate for this setting and for a woman of this class and beauty. They just didn't belong! No woman is going to wear something like that for a drive in the country. IMO she shouldn't wear them at all! they are so below her! But for that this is the perfect set!

A golden glowing goddess.A remarkable beauty.Obviously best of the best quality,and showing a youthfulness not often seen.32 years.Heidi perhaps has a little secret .The shots 39-56 are favourites in this shoot,and not for the first time do I sit comfortably in happy admiration of how the feminine form is fashioned,all the curves and contours below the perfect features...A girl next door? Next door to the angels probably.Beauty in a sylvan setting is as perfect as perfect gets,and is perhaps a reminder of the heavenly conditions existing in higher dimensions.A vision of heaven I would say,and while certainly not aspiring to any form of lewd activity,I would be very contented to merely have a conversation with Heidi.Such a conversation could very well go along these lines...
He -That is indeed a remarkable loveliness you have there.How is it that you have attained to such perfection? It has surely not come about by accident...
She - Even though such information is rarely revealed to incarnated spirits,I have the understanding that in past lives,which all spirits have in a planned progression toward higher states of being,I have lived according to the best I was able to be,obedient to the great laws of life. What these laws are have been revealed time and time again in the great moral teachings,especially those of ancient India,and are accessible to all ready to embark on a search for truth,which is a primary duty for all wishing to be truly human.Thankfully my efforts have been successful,and Divinity has rewarded me with the great and wonderful gift of beauty.
He - that is very interesting.Am I right in thinking that you are on friendly terms with angels,and fairies bring to you refreshing drinks and delicious fruits and such like at your telepathic behest?
She - It is indeed,but only when I am sleeping,and I also enjoy the most delightful and peaceful and happy dreams.
He - WellAlrightyThen.

Heidi reminds me of Cathy Lee Crosby (remember her?).

A very special lady; so special she is of only a few who could possibly overcome Matiss's mediocrity!

Respectfully... YOU do better then.

Fit and fine!

Heidi Hawley is a perfect example of how a woman gets more interesting ( as in beautiful) when she is over 30 if she is willing to stay in shape. Matiss and Heidi have created a perfect work of art. 10 to infinity for Heidi's beauty and Matiss' art

Photo #01

I know Heidi is from Russia -- but THIS IS the "California Girl" The Beach Boys sang about !!

A big "10" -- forever and always !

When I was a younger man I was told that taller women were better in bed as with longer legs and torso they could generate more thrusting energy when shagging, now I thing this was just bunk, however it would not be to late to put it to the test with someone like Heidi. Secondly she has the most adorable thick, fleshy pussy lips, something to really enjoy in your mouth and height has nothing to do with taste. 8)

Great set Heidi!! You look wonderful!! Hope to see lots more of you.

A beautiful girl next door. Surely everyone of us want such a beauty beside his door. And so it goes to me: I WANT HEIDI!

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