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Gracie is very cute. And there is something to be said for a creamy, slippery-wet pussy. That gets me every time. Got it here.

Part of what make this set special for me is the luscious use of natural lighting. The low angle makes for an angel, creates roundness and depth. Really well done, and, of course, it's by Arkisi, the master. Brilliant!

Pics #'s 63 & 115 says it all and enough for why this artist is 'simply the best.' I honestly don't see why others, including subscribers and other photograpers alike, do not demand or aspire to this quality of work, respectively.

Oh yes, so so tasty, five cumshots for sure

After listening to all the to and fro here I for one say that I have never noticed any censoring of language, although some models that I have known have said some English slang can come out pretty rough in Slavic languages, and they appreciate the use of neutral expressions like anus , bottom, breast, vagina and so on. That said I will point out that Gracie is a perfect, and very sensual GND here and on SA. Arkisi and Gracie have both created a work of sexual beauty here. 10 to infinity and I could wish for more.

Oooooooooooooh, definitely my favorite Gracie set so far. Love the long, gradual undressing sequence, and not just because the jeans came off first (hooray!). Good mix of close-ups and poses (ooof, love those fill-moon closeups), excellent colors, and it was pretty clear at the end that Gracie thought that the experience was quite erotic as well. I always love to see that. Gorgeous.

Sparkling charming darling Gracie hits the high notes once more in this excellent gallery.
The ballerina's distinguished elegance is displayed even when the body is not in motion,and I will always praise Gracie's one and only video as being among the best and sexiest of MA movies.Love that pussy trim,love that smile...it's always great to have a new Gracie set,and I would rather like to have one of those jazz pullovers for myself. Cool and sweet and lovely.A classy babe indeed.

Extremely hot set of pictures, Gracie definitely has one of the most photogenic, inviting, and arousing bottoms ever, and so very well displayed here. 10+

Let me get this straight....
I am long time member who appreciates the world class manner in which these unbelievably gorgeous women reveal every square inch of their bodies for our enjoyment. Yet, in this comment section we are not allowed to mention how lovely a woman's anus is to us??? I see people commenting on their "pussy" ( a word I particularly dislike seeing in this comment section, but I am not a censor), "tits", etc. But I am supposed to keep silent about their beautiful anuses while the model is CLEARLY inviting us to look and appreciate...
I am sorry, but I thought we were consenting adults who have been offered the visual treats that satisfy our unique sexuality?
That said, models like Gracie are why I have been a member for nearly a decade . She is slender, small breasted, very fit, pretty, has a lovely smile, she is fit and flexible, has sexy feet, and a perfectly mouth watering anus.
Is this forum for all member using respectful language, or just some?
If I have broken any rules, please explain to me those rules. If those rules bar my particular sexual interests, that this site very mush supports and makes a fortune off of, please let me know.
I rarely comment, but I also know I am not alone, nor am I a freak who should hide in the closet. The Victorian era is over...I think.

I'm not sure where you get that impression, Heathen - there is no problem referring to any part of the model's anatomy you choose to :-) Enjoy!

Good to know, thank you kindly for clarifying Rose! I just see other people occasionally making comments suggesting there is a problem, even recently, and I have always kept my mouth shut about it...as difficult as it is sometimes.

Gracie is totally gorgeous , oh my, does she wear a pair of jeans well or what ; )
Of course I also love watching Gracie slip out of them. This set has a very nice flow from beginning to end, with many many wonderful poses to delight the eye. Without a doubt the best set of today and maybe even the best of 2017 so far.
Gracie, Arkisi, wonderful work, absolutely wonderful.

Gracie has a beautiful pussy. I would enjoy a trip into her depths.

I can't comment much on the technical details but I know what I like. Ok maybe the focus was off on a few shots but still.... The last few shots in the international position were the best that I have seen in a while.

Extremely angelic Gracielinshka, OMG Cutie!!! Superkissable...♥ ♥ ♥

I am not sure I agree with the comments about photo-techniques. I am just enjoying the poses and the close-ups which are remarkable.

Too many shots were half the Model is out of focus.
I do like all the close- up shots of that wet and creamy pussy.

I truly enjoyed watching Arkisi's work, especially the latest Lija's photo shoot. However, this photo set doesn't feel like Arkisi's work. Most of shot was taken with wide angles in which portraits don't use much. Very different set. Fun but not appealing.

Ok! Photo # 12 is the perfect photo for our friend CHECKERS.
Will be the highlight for him today.
And in fact, this photo and this full moon is the absolute Cracker.

You beat me to it, my friend! Those are some beautiful full moons, eh? My goodness.

Extremely kissable the heaven in photo # 12:-)

Absolutley, dear Roger, absolutley.

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