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fuck me!

The most beautiful vagina on the planet.


More more and more of her ......

Picture #20. Superb! You couldn't take a better portrait of a pretty eighteen year old girl.

needless to say, glad shes back and hope to see her come back a lot!

love her beautiful face and perfect butthole. 10+

What an absolutely gorgeous set :) Stunning !

Love this girl! what an amazing body......just can't get enough of her beautiful legs and yummy yummy yummy pussy !!! SO GORGEOUS !

One of the most intriguing, sensual, beauties to come to the site in the last year. There is nothing on her that needs changing, she is simply stunning and spectacular. Wow. 10x2.

Beautiful lady, she's got a bit of an Anne Hathaway thing going on.
Shots 67 thru 87 are just mouth-watering.

Fabrice has not been on my list of top photographers, but this set puts him on the map IMHO. Solid photography, very nice job.

Caralyn is super sexy, what more can I say?

Wow. that's all I can say.

Outstanding set.
Believe depth of field in focus is the best I have ever seen. Absolutely superior.

Good observation about the depth of field focus, Notregde.

Isn't it great when the face and lady bits are in focus in the same image. Fabrice accomplished this with only a few images not quite there.

Carolyn is a hottie!


I did a quick double-take there, at first I thought you'd written, "Caralyn is a hotte" ! I was trying to figure out why you'd want to slander Caralyn! LOL

Just a super-cute Angel From heaven. Fine in every way. I could just gaze upon her loveliness for hours. She just epitomizes beauty and desire. Yum yum.

SENSATIONAL. Caralyn is quickly moving up my personal favorites list. Such a fresh-faced beauty, so bold in her posing style. She knows she is beautifully appointed, and she is not shy about showing off that fact.

An extraordinary natural beauty with a remarkable lovely face in very seductive poses.

10/10. What else?

Kudos to Fabrice for her great work!

More, more please!

Wow, wow, wow... A beauty that will turn all classifications in all parameters upside down... She is stunning... Adorable... Many thanks to both for excellent pictures... come back soon.

Caralyn makes the couch look like a very, VERY hospitable place to be today...

Caralyn's cheekbones could make pea soup for a week,She is astounding so much more than a 'juicy pussy',she is a classically beautiful woman with the body of Venus.

What can I say to such a model? Simply just stunning. It's the second set of Caralyn and yet she dominated the trade like an old Pro. Sensuous look, perfect body language, an untense appearance and provocative show of own feminine charms. The juicy and moist pussy is outstanding. Simply just sensational.
Caralyn is a real pro right now.

  • Rose
  • 11 months ago:

An absolutely stunning girl... gorgeous face, beautiful breasts, perfectly peachy bottom, pretty butterfly... and hard abs too! Very much my type :-)

Ahh, Yes! Very much my type also! Astoundingly beautiful face; high cheek bones and a beautifully formed nose!! Such beautiful brown eyes and eyebrows! Awesome body ~ $&@ ~ Yeah! And such luscious lips and beautiful teeth! And such a sweet, almost cherubic-like smile in the first part of this set. Then as the set progresses and Caralyn undresses that smile becomes more mischievous! She knows!! She certainly knows the effect that she's having on the viewer! To me that's So Sexy! So Sexy with capital S's! That's confidence and confidence Is so sexy when you've got the "whole package" which she certainly has! And then in the sequence of shots #68 thru 76 - those "Oh honey, here It is! In your face" poses! OMG!! Oh, that "I'm in heat" smile"! The openess of her smile, the brilliance in her eyes and the way she "opens" and she is obviously excited ~ Fantastic! She is almost mesmerizing in this set! Now, that's a fantasy! A fantastic fantasy to hold onto!!! A 10 Plus!!!

However,she shows the bits before the bOO bies. I guess she is another model that is unaware that bOObies sell. You are gonna have to open that models school Rose

I too am also very happy with the bottom being on display well before anything else. Particularly for Caralyn. For many of us, bottoms are the order of the day and I would wager here that they would sell in equal measure or maybe even be in slightly larger volume for such delicious a commodity. The set is outstanding both model and photographer have created perfection on this day. 8)

Personally, I'm quite happy with her method of dress removal. Don't change a thing. :)

Millions of peaches, peaches for me. :)

Mmmmmmm peachy... :D

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