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Long, lean, Luka with luscious labia and a bodacious booty. And finally, at the end, we actually get a smile. Nice!

To return once more to the synthesizer and its wonders to perform,there are some further points to mention regarding its capabilities and wide range of expressions.
Robert Moog had a brief encounter with Wendy (formerly Walter)Carlos to improve the tonal quality of the original invention,as Wendy had recorded 'Switched On Bach'to widespread critical acclaim (circa 1970)and had further plans for more electronic Bach,and was in search of something a little more subtle.More human voice-like tones were needed,and softer tones in general,as the first release was exciting and ground-breaking in a number of ways,yet the sounds were rather on the raw side,buzzy and such like,and as some Monteverdi was included in the 'Well Tempered Synthesizer' the 2nd release,updates were necessary.Those efforts led to the development of the vocoder some time later,a vocal treatment device,a sound many know from the dance scene,examples being Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek' and Ferry Corsten's 'Beautiful'and a number of other interesting creations.
'Rendez-Vu'by Basement Jaxx is a particularly splendid example.Of course,many of the suggestions made here will be known to you,and yet,there's always more to discover.Although I already have the Carlos recordings on CD,I reckoned here is something worth sharing with the MA superdarlings.
In search of Carlos Bach,off I go to YouTube,to find very little of that,and find instead works by his/her successor,Carey R Meltz, who has a number of recent posts of exceedingly good quality,and reflect the Carlos renditions perfectly.As before,they are completely faithful to the original compositions in notation,and have the 'swing' of an orchestra.The only variation is in tone,and even then,not so different.Fine works indeed,and not only Bach -here go-type in exactly as is for direct hits...
JS Bach ''Switched On''Brandenburg Concerto No 5 in D Major BWV 1050 ,1.Allegro (Synthesized)
and No 4 in G Major BWV 1049.1, Allegro.
There are also Handel's 'For unto a child is born' and Pachelbel's 'Canon and Gigue' to consider.
A recent investigation reveals that 'The Well Tempered Synthesizer' is available on Amazon for 20 GBP,and ,being a classic of its kind,is a good bet for many happy vibes and an introduction to great works and composers.Monteverdi vocoder,Handel's Water Music,Scarlatti has 2 excellent appearances,and the No4 Brandenburg Concerto in its entirety,which was described on its appearance by the famous classical pianist Glenn Gould as 'among the finest renditions of the work I have ever heard'.
A recent Wikipedia view revealed the fact that Bach,Handel and Scarlatti were all born in the same year.
''That which is like unto itself is drawn''.( a quote taken from THE LAW OF ATTRACTION,by Esther and Jerry Hicks)
Which at least partly explains why there are so many glorious beauties appearing at MetArt.
Beautiful sexy girls.
Magical beings.

Quoting MASH... Aaah, Bach!

I had a thing for Ms. Luka the first time I saw her as a long legged 19 year old wearing black stockings in her first set nearly five years ago. Nothing's changed.

Loved this photo set but I would have liked some more upskirt while playing Ping-Pong!

Absolutely, if there's no underwear under a very nice tight short dress let's enjoy some flashing and flaunting!.

She is the epitome of a woman to me. I love Candice

Best set ever of this timeless beauty, - masterfully photographed! This set should get the credit it deserves, - by being acknowledged as one of the best, ever, at Met Art! Incredible!!!

Shoulda named this set "Luka by Luca". ;-)

CL: "You want me to play.....ping pong.....in that dress? Seriously? Who's gonna wanna see that?"
LH: "Trust me. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 86 will like it."

Totaly agree - that is exactly what a set make sexy and interesting for the viewer.

Fabulous and fantastic .Candice returns.That's put a glow on my whole day and then some.
Brilliant, cool and elegantly beautiful.Love that dress.

She looked awesome in that dress, but somehow it looked much better out of shot....

You can say that again and again, and again.......!!!!!1

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