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I can die for Berenices perfect pussy, sorry for be so focused on "just that" - but you are very special. Thank you!!

Oh, my what a beautiful young woman! I like the way you've opened and tilted up! Ah, yes, I love that beautiful pink pussy! Oh, my dear sweet woman, Thank you, you're so creamy inside! You are a very special beautiful woman! Oh yeah Berenice, you're a goddess!

Bernice is incredibly beautiful. And so very confident in these photos. Such a sexy combination. Great job by Luca.

wow... nice little poontang... woohoo

Oh my goodness Berenice, this is by far the most beautiful and hottest set i've ever seen on MetArt, and you're perfect!

There's so much beauty! And please don't blame me for being blunt, but your pussy is one of the most beautiful and tasty looking pussies i've *ever* seen!

:) .... thanks for this special compliment :)

You are very, very welcome Berenice!

I hope to see much more of you!

  • zoon
  • 3 months ago:

I only need one different kind of closeup amid this exuberance of perfection: Berenice's eyes, her face only. She exudes a singular peace of mind, happiness, contentment, ease.

In a former set, Rylsky offered her face only (Spadie). And in her debut set, Artofdan presented her adorable face and gigantic smile before getting her undressed. Yes, I know, her most feminine section is so overwhelmingly beautiful that even the most seasoned photographer tends go down there but next time, please, dear Berenice, request a picture of your face only. And would it be too much to ask, only your eyes?

no of course not and I will try my very best to fulfill your wish

  • zoon
  • 3 months ago:

Dear Berenice, I am flattered by your response to this. It is an honour to have this kind of conversation with one of the beautiful ladies that grace this site. May the very best come to you, and let all kinds of blessings always come your way.

Dear Zoon, thanks a lot for your wishes ... of course I will wish the same for you

wow so many pussy shots! I love this set! I would love to see a photo shoot of only pussy shots, yes 130 pussy shots in a row would be awesome!

Gorgeous woman. Perfect pussy. 'Nuff said!

My God! Somebody call an ambulance!!!

Thanx for the HEELS !

All 8 shots --

I am late to the party (working too much!) but I agree with all the wows, this set simply rocks! Thank you Berenice and Luca, very well done!

I am breathless. What a GIRL!!!!

Just the right amount of open pussy pics! Let's use this template from here on out

Nice set, but I don't know. There just wasn't enough pussy. (LOL)


Berenice, I totally love how you just jumped right in, and gave us what we want right from the start....those close up views of your perfect pussy are just incredible!

Met Art Photo Set of the Year for me!


you make me blush :)

With images like 15, 16 and 17 how can this set have such a low score - it's a great set. All MetArt sets ought to be of this standard - go Berenice and Luca!

Berenice has just the kind of wet, slippery pussy that could cause a man to have a great fall.

Now, that's how you show your pussy off!!!

One of the best sets for quite some time - much more reminiscent of the early days of MetArt. Great shots, sexy - well done Luca and Berenice .

One of the best sets of the month !

Bernice is my kind of girl. I really got a charge out of the ass shots. I kept saying more, more and there was more. Maybe next time someone can bring a blanket for her to kneel on with the outdoor shots.

4 absolutely wonderful girls in one day and Berenice is the absolute apex of beauty. I did not tire of seeing the open leg shots, but she is such a pretty woman and has a delightful smile too.

Wow! What a night! Berenice, Nikia, and Macy all in the same night! I don't know if my old heart can take it! Three of Met's finest presented by some of it's finest artists. I may need to take something to clam down enough to get to sleep!

Berenice is a very lovely woman with a great body! I loved that little pink see through dress. What a way to start off the set. Then no less than 16 shots of that gorgeous pussy on the first page! Before the dress even starts to come off! I think Luca was a bit obsessed with those most wonderfully moist lower lips but I would be very hard pressed to complain about such a perfect specimen as the subject. Berenice's entire body is great and I do think Luca should have spent a bit more time on the rest of her. This got a bit repetitious with all those open legged shots!

Bermice is very beautiful and Mr. Helios a great artist who perfectly caught her beauty. It really helps to see this instead of error 503.( yes Rose I told the LSS yesterday when it kept happening. It's just that it still does)I gave both Luca Helios and Bernice 10 to infinity and feel bad I have no more words of praise for them

  • Rose
  • 3 months ago:

Beautiful Berenice, a very welcome sight! That gorgeous smile makes my heart race. Please return soon and often :-) xx

:-) xx

Ah, Berenice! The loveliest and sweetest - who could forget the interview with Rose? And a perfect body is simply an added bonus. Always a perfect 10.

Baby, you are amazing..

Only one word suffices for Berenice: Wow!

I love her playful, relaxed, raunchy attitude in this set. Pure pleasure for the eyes. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us so generously, Berenice! I think you have a regular place in the lineup for as long as you want to spend with your devoted fans. (:

your welcome :) :-)

Is she a card carrying member of the PP club?

Oh, I suspect we don't even need to ask that question, teaspoon... I suspect you are going to get a TON of seconds! LOL

What say you, gentlemen and ladies? (: Is Berenice in the PP Club or not? :D

The pretty pussy cub? ABSOLUTELY!

That one, too, Clarke!!! :D

Perfect Pussy

Waw....thanks Berenice for this lovely set. U are looking amazing! And Mr. Helios he knew how to lets say seize and he made a great job. Thank you both for this work!

WOWEEE! Berenice leaves me breathless.Complete star.This is the best gob smacking set of the year and hopefully it will rate accordingly.This has just got to be a perfect 10 for Berenice and Luca.

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