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What a lovely clit you have! I hope to show it off more and show more of the shaft!

Berenice hits a higher note than Javier Camarena singing Don Pasquale. What a beautiful woman.


What could be more sexy than a shy, smiling, beauty showing her naked body?

Beautiful woman...I love her figure, her great legs and awesome ass.
Very nice set.

Bernice is a great beauty, and Luca a great artist.

Although not from The Pays-bas,This girl gracefully shows us her Netherlands.
Very nice,Berenice.

The Seller

She has an exceptionally beautiful butterfly pussy... Thanks so much for letting us see it

Great allover . I often regret that some close-ups are not in landscape mode .

Berenice is absolutely stunning with her beautiful face, magnificent athletic body and those wonderful muscular thighs...

Top babe 10/10

Incredible young lady. Awesome photo set WOW. A pleasure and favorite. Request more.

Wow.. lovely Berenice is a stunning lady with all the feminine curves.. extremely sweet, extremely sexy.. many thanks for beautiful pictures.

are the really nice pictures. on some pictures it looks like you've been very excited. ;)

What an absolute goddess. You facial beauty is fantastic and you have the ability to make your viewers "feel" your joy of life and spread your sunshine to all. It is obvious that you like this work and you body and your beauty are made to make our world a better place. All of the photos are great but I particularly like 40 through 49 for their classic beauty and the way you vary the mood from shot to shot. St Peters-burg is lucky that you chose to ad your beauty to it's wonderful attractions!

Come back often sweet lady you belong here!

You moved me to tears Sir!


Thank you so much. I am so happy my inner message is seen.:)

Bery Nice

A lovely girl with an irresistable smile on her face.

I agree she's a rising star here.

10/10. What else?

great, great, great!
you looks so beautiful! i'm lucky to can see your wunderful pictures!
Thanks so much!

Should be girl next DOOR,I was overcome with desire.The next Mia..

Berenice is pure perfection.A potential super superstar.So naturally sexy it is scary.Rose,s interview with her was illuminating,she could be the girl next,Berenice is wonderful,Words fail me,great interview by Rose just added to her perfection.10 to both.

  • Rose
  • 11 months ago:

If you didn't already see it, I hope you'll check out my cute video interview with Berenice on the blog (you can find it by clicking on her name above, and then the' interview' icon). I was there on location when Luca was shooting her, and I was blown away by her absolute beauty and adorable personality. I think she has the potential to become a big star, she's just lovely :-)

once again dear Rose... thank you so much for your comment and the interview you made with me ...

  • Rose
  • 11 months ago:

It was my pleasure, Berenice! Hope we get to meet again some time :-) x

I´m happy Berenice scaped unharmed.Lucky girl

The Seller

I absolutely agree Rose, but I think you could do better if you weren't shy.

Since Rose is of predominetly Ukrainian descent.I would bet she is like Jenya D in "Kormos"

  • Rose
  • 11 months ago:

Not at all, Seadog – maybe that's just wishful thinking, huh? I'm slim and blonde – a true English Rose to look at... maybe that's why I have such a thing for olive skinned Spanish and Italian girls, we make a nice contrast :-)

Oh Gawd... now you've gone and done it... an athletic blonde with a "thing" for darker-skinned Spanish & Italian women. Visions of a "blonde" and Apolonia or Lorena Garcia dancing through my head... like some sort of Freudian Christmas Carol... yum.... ;-p

Kinda like Rylsky's Liv huh?

Blonde, huh? I hope you have cheeks that easily turn pink. (:

Hey! She's English! That could easily be taken a couple of ways... please be specific when making such comments! ;-)

  • Rose
  • 11 months ago:

You know it :-) and freckles in the sun too :-)

I love girls with freckles!

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