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great photography!

Aislin is such a gorgeous women with an amazing figure!

Finally, a set without a mediocre ending! Sense, the age of 'let's chat about the pics' descended upon this site about a couple of years, or so, ago, - the never ending dribble of these FLACCID Blue Pill commentators have led the MA artists to believe that viewers are looking for the "Girl Friend Experience" which, undoubtedly, - is probably the only real-life eminine interaction the old cronies ever experience; - but you know what I mean 'Sugar Daddies', you know what business I'm referring to. "So let's close with her lovely face as walks out the door!" THEME has been the trend of MA galleries since the days of social media chatting has smothered the raw sexuality o this great site, (I mean past greatness).

Check it out for your selves, - the past two years, or so, >98% of galleries close (the LAST Window of PICS)with the 'girlfriend' theme! The face, the smile, 'see you later Daddy' theme; instead of the "Big Bang" theme, - the way MA USE 2B and closed! You know with butss and pussy in your face. As The Dice would say, - "Hey now that's a F..kig Porn site! ADC that is! You know to whom I am referring, - at least you should. I bet the "blue pillers" don't.

But these clowns continue to ruin this site with the limp garbage they spew, day after day, set after set, about a dam Picture. You know what we really use it for? Hey fellows? Look at the pic, for Christ sake, and let it spout. I don't wanna fall in love with the picture, or the girl, - ladies this fine got somebody tending to those needs, you better believe it.

And Fer Realz, (what kind of f..king name is that), - don't tell me to go to another site, - I been here longer than you, you square hat, - so quit stealing my signature comments, (like 'knocking the ball out of park' - you don't have a modicum of originality in your essence. He once tried to personally label Rylsky as the 'Maestro'! (Who, by the way, doesn't even publish on MA as he use to, because of the spinoff). But that name of reverence was another's insight, and not your supposed ordainment, Fer Realz. As I recall, someone specifically reminded him of his disingenuousness. Which is usually the case of these crappy comments, by regular commenters, that are ruining this site. Again, only the viewers' ratings should influence artists' pics.

When I do comment you gonna feel it.

  • Rose
  • 9 months ago:

Hotte, you make some really interesting, and at times constructive points. It's such a shame you feel the need to be rude to other members in order to do so. Please mind your manners, and you might find your point comes across better.

Rose, you and all the rest of us know that dealing with this bozo in a polite manner, asking him to mind his manners, does not, has never, and will never have any effect.

I don't know what line a poster has to cross to get booted out of the comment section, but seems to me that a nonsensical rant calling out a member by name in a personal manner such as this might have been it. Guess not.

But... Checkers... it really was such fun to respond to. :D It'd be a shame if hotte were banished and none of his ~ er... enjoyable little rants ever appeared here again. Think of all the chuckles we'd miss!

Trust me, I didn't mind being called out in this way by this... little friend of ours. (: I haven't had so much fun in ages... (: (: (:

I dunno, Fer. It seems to me there are enough assholes in the world, I'd rather not have another one to deal with when I come here for a little escapism. I'd rather he find another way to express his rage about his inadequacies.

Oh hotte.... you dear soul, you.

We all feel for your inadequacies. Myself included. The world would be such a better place if you had the ...well, let's just say if you didn't have to make yourself "FEEL" better, if you catch my drift.

Well, don't worry, my fine furry friend, I have it on good authority that it's guys that tend to be size queens, most women will grudgingly endure that kind of inadequacy as long as their man has the personality to keep them entertained otherwise. I'm sure if you keep looking, you'll find a lady who is happy to see you coming. (:

As for "Maestro," it's very possible I used that epithet to describe Rylsky once or twice ~ AFTER I saw someone else using it. I never claimed that was my idea, you poor silly little man. (:

And "original" ? Did I ever claim to be original? LOL The most I ever claimed is that I put some effort into finding a fair variety of things to comment on in these sets, I never claimed that any of my themes are "original" ! I really don't know where you got that idea, my "little" friend.

And as for claiming I've been here longer than you? When did I ever claim that? Your delusions really are cute. Thanks for the chuckles! Too bad none of them were intentional, but hey, at least you make people laugh! :D

Thanks for calling me out by name, though, comrade, it tells me I'm doing something right if I'm getting under the little hotte's skin... (;

p.s. Oh, and thank you for warning me "I'd feel it." I know you say that to the ladies all the time, and I know they feel the same as I. Were it not for the warning, we'd wonder what that breeze was that brushed our cheek... (;

I hope you see plenty more smiles today, hotte! Someone's going to make your world a better place, I just know it! :D

(Mic drop.)

One of the best sets of the year, with one of the most beautiful women on MET, and this is how you choose to comment on it.

You sad, sad, little man.

I'm not quite sure how ANY comment would ruin a set, let alone a site.

If it is accepted that Hotte and, as for any one else knows, many other members, use the photos for obvious purposes, I can't understand why a direct verbal attack on one or more other members would lead to anything purposeful or constructive.

While I recognize and acknowledge a member's right to comment to a lesser or greater degree on the photos in a set or a photographer's handling of the shoot or the qualities of a model, if Hotte is using the pics in, as s/he put it "let[s] it spout", why in the world are they even bothering to read the comments? As far as I know, the option to turn the comments off still exists.

Just seems to be a terribly nasty way to make a statement.

Well, this poor little man can't make an impact any other way, so he seeks to make one using nastiness. I'm sure he's really trying for outright ugliness, but he can't even achieve that!

But that's OK, we can all play along to make this poor little boy feel he's a BIG BIG man in a small puddle.... right, guys? (;

This is what sets MetArt apart. Spectacular models and photographers with an eye for detail. This is one of the most stunning sets.

Great Arkisi set - brilliant. Wonderful subject too - but the pics are great.

Wow, what a set... Super hot!!!

Austin is overwhelmingly beautiful. What a treat for the eyes! Just perfect in every way. Can't get enough of her yummy stuff.

Aislin always looks great, but I've never seen her look better. Wonderful photo set.

I scored 10 to infinity for A & A

Fantastic pictures as usual ,Arkisi.
Thank You!

Aislin is a pretty girl with amazing breasts.

I give an 8 for Aislin and 10+ for Arkisi,for this gallery.

I believe it is definitely the best set of Aislin ever. Kudos to Arkisi and Aislin

Aislin is the best. She is a magnificently beautiful young woman and this is another terrific photo set featuring her. There are a lot of photos of her out there, but I could never have enough. Please keep them coming.

Lovely Aislin,
You are a Living Dream, wrapped in a Fantasy and covered in Pure Sexuality!
Too much of you is never enough!


In my opinion Aislin is one of MetArt's elite.

I am speechless because I am breathless because I was just stunned by Ms. Aislin....

Wowzers! I have always enjoyed Aislin, but today's set of her really knocked it out of the park! Great job, both Arkisi and Aislin.

Best set of Aislin so far? It's got to be at or near the top of the list. I love the warm color tones of her skin, her absolute confidence, and the explicit posing. Arkisi really brings out her best, doesn't he?

Exhibit A for why Checkers is so fond of the sight of a lady in a robe. Can you imagine untying the sash to reveal a body like Aislin's? Heaven.

It would be like unwrapping the best present under the Christmas tree, wouldn't it? :D

Indeed indeed. Marvelous.

Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful body, totally uninhibited, just perfect

Magnificent as always... very very classy...

Aislin always looks great. What a great set of pictures.

  • WC4U
  • 9 months ago:

Proves again that model and photographer are a kick ass combination!

Checkers, I do believe Arkisi and Aislin shot the opening sequence specifically for you... (;

You beat me to it! Holy moly. :)

Does Aislin have the most perfect pussy on Met-Art, or what? :)

Not to mention the rest of her! Always a 10/10 for me.

Definitely in the A-list.

Yeah, it's asking for a French kiss in #90.

I'll bet, Aislin gets guys in trouble for looking everywhere she goes.

A fantastic start to Saturday.

A definite contender!.

What a babe, what a body....

Amazing explicit shots of this stunning girl!

Fantastically hot, gorgeous Aislin is so very beautiful and always looks amazing, such a stunningly beautiful face and that body is simply perfect, those lovely boobs and that awesome smooth pussy, she's great although I do wish she'd crack a full smile, maybe it's a health & safety measure to stop some members having a cardiac event having witnessed such undoubted perfection!.

I can't put my finger on why, but Aislin looks different in this set. Sexier than before, if that's even possible.

Maybe it's the Arkisi influence.

I'm not sure if she could possibly get any sexier, although I do think this is one of her best sets so far, which speaks volumes when you consider how great her archive is.

A FANTASTIC archive it is, indeed... and if you like this, you'll love her extensive archive on Eternal Desire as well, also shot by Arkisi. (:

I'm particularly partial to the set "SecY." Rose, something tells me you'd like this set as well.... (;

  • Rose
  • 9 months ago:

You know me too well, fer_realz! Thanks for the tip :-)
I agree, Aislin seems to have brought the sexiness to a new level today, I'm loving it.

Rose But we KNOW you can do even better when you model for Alex Lynn

and she's a blonde,with dark eyebrows too

That is a great set, gorgeous Aislin in stockings and heels and nothing else, delightfully posed spread legged and she's a tad more open in those sets too, which is very nice indeed!.

Aislin has that kind of bottom you would like to just curl up with in bed from behind - other things might follow, but it projects a aura of feminine desire that runs oh so deep. 8)

Yep, spoons with Aislin would be paradisical indeed! And I'd always be calling "big spoon." LOL

Thank you so much Arkisi for this stunning girl and these sensational photos. I am absolute thrilled.

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